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How it works

What is Teachree?

Teachree is a simple and fun way to buy and sell educational supplies and materials.

Shop from a rapidly growing community — and start selling too!

New and Used Education Marketplace

How it works

To Create Your Free Account

  • Step 1 ~ Join the community and create your new free Teachree account
  • Step 2 ~ We will then send you an email confirmation. You will then be brought back to  your  brand new Teachree account. 
  • Step 3 ~ Have fun! Create your name for your account that will be displayed, your location, something             about  yourself, whatever you want to share with the Teachree community.


To Post a listing

  • Step 1 ~ Select "+ Post a new listing" button on the top right of the page.
  • Step 2 ~ Select the category that best fits your listing (example "Books").
  • Step 3 ~ Next select your listing type. Are you selling your item? Are you giving your item away? Do you                           have  an announcement you would like to share with the community?
  • Step 4 ~ Next you will create your title for your listing, the price, your delivery method (if you are shipping                     your item or doing a local pick up or both). If shipping is chosen decide how much you want to                           charge. 
  • Step 5 ~ Now you will create your description. 
  • Step 6 ~ Using the check boxes check the subject your listing falls into by checking the appropriate                                    box.
  • Step 7 ~ Next you will choose the item condition Brand New or Used.
  • Step 8 ~ Then again using the check boxes choose the grade level or levels if any your listing fits into.
  • Step 9 ~ Now you can put your location such as your state or your city and state (the choice is yours).
  • Step 10 ~ Now add your image and click post your listing and that's it! 
 Congratulations your listing is now live! 
How do I get paid?

  • Step 1 ~ To start receiving payments you must configure your payment settings.
  • Step 2 ~ To do this go to your settings which is located under your account icon next to the "+ Post a new                        listing"
  • Step 3 ~ Click the payments tab and then choose the "connect your paypal account" option to receive                            funds to your paypal account or if you do not have a paypal account or prefer to be paid to your                        bank account choose add a bank account to receive your funds to your bank account. 
  • Step 4 ~ Now simply follow the step by step prompts from there.

How do I sell digital products?

Digital products are very popular and easy to sell on Teachree! All you have to do is list your product like normal, choose "Digital Product" as your product type when creating your listing. Then once your digital product sells you can send it (up to 2GB!) via a free tool such as That's it!